A Detailed Pet Sitter’s Checklist

Mouth, Nose and Eyes

If your eyes tear so much and you ever notice an unusual discharge, you should flush with eyewash. As a matter of fact, purified water and saline solution must be the only ingredients that are allowed on the brand you get to use. Compare both eyes for any differences in appearance and color, making sure the two pupils are similar in size.

Cats have vertically-shaped pupils while, on the other hand, dogs have round-shaped. However, both must react to light by contracting, then enlarging (or dilating) when the source of light is removed. Any discrepancies and unusual differences should be examined by a professional and reputable veterinarian as soon as possible. Track the movement of the eye by holding your finger in front of your pet’s face and then slowly moving it from sideways.

Do the eyes of your pet follow? Any erratic flickers must be thoroughly assessed by a professional vet for possible neurological problems. In addition to that, you should feel the muzzle for tenderness and bumps. Due to cartilage and bone, it might not be possible to feel a tumor, if there is, so if the area looks sore, or if there’s an unusual discharge from his nostrils, you are also encouraged to visit your veterinarian. Muzzle soreness could come from the animal’s mouth.

Does your cat or dog client get tooth brushing on a regular basis? It just takes 2 days for plaque to become tartar resulting in dangerous gum disease. Then, thoroughly inspect the mouth of your pet. Gums must be a healthy pink (unless your pet has black gums such as black Labradors, Chows and some other felines with no foul odor. Furthermore, you can also inspect for broken teeth or obvious signs of bleeding or swelling.

Torso and Legs

The remaining portions of the top to bottom examination must be a gentle massage together with the back and side of your pet, feeling and looking for anything which seems sore or does not belong. At the chest, you must also be able to feel and not see the ribs of your pet while breathing must be unlabored and steady. Inspect paws and legs ensuring pads and claws are not cracked or damaged. Aside from that, be gentle as well as go a speed which is comfortable for the second-best friend. A lot of pets get uneasy and uncomfortable when being touched however, examine quite some time and they will definitely enjoy this kind of experience.

Using your fingertips, stroke the abdomen of your pet feeling for sensitive areas or hard spots. You should also check the nipples and genitals. Under his tail that must all be clean with no unusual colored discharges. If your pet is arthritic or older, and cannot maintain his own hygiene every day, help keep him clean by wiping the portion with a piece of warm wet fabric. You could first recommend adding shredded raw carrot or pumpkin puree to the everyday diet of your pet. For more information, you can also ask pieces of advices from professionals that offer pet sitting Greenville SC.

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