Do You Need Pool Demolition & In Fill? 

Swimming pools add a huge value to every home but it also needs a great deal of maintenance along the way. After all the years of the swimming pool serving you and your family, it’s not uncommon to reach that point that you don’t want to deal with it anymore. Maybe the kids have all grown up and they no longer come around for a pool party like they used to. If removing the swimming pool proves to be the better option than repairing, maintaining, and keeping it, then you might need demolition experts to handle the job.  

Demolition & In Fill

However, removing a swimming pool is not as simple as you think it is. Just like any other demolition job, you need to comply with the local law as far as removing and filling in a swimming pool is concerned. There’s a world of regulations pertaining to your jurisdiction that you should know first.  

Why You Need Demolition Experts  

Removing swimming pools is not a handyman’s or any other contractor’s job. It is something that a fully certified, licensed, and insured demolition expert should do. You need the right tools and equipment to do the job right, with all the density testing and paperwork that have to done and filed. If you don’t comply with the law, then high are the chances that your property will depreciate in value, not to mention that you also need to you pay hefty fines.  

So don’t do any shortcuts. If you want your swimming pool removed, look for pool removal and in fill experts near you to handle the job. You need them to ensure that all work done is at par with the local regulations and that the land where the swimming pool used to be becomes fully buildable if that’s what you want.  

Types of Swimming Pool Removal and In Fill 

There are at least four types of swimming pool removal and in fill and a demolition contractor should be an expert in all of them. The four types are full swimming pool removal with engineered backfill, full removal with non-engineering backfill, partial swimming pool removal with engineered backfill, and partial swimming pool removal with non-engineered backfill.  

As indicated in the methods above, a team of engineers may or may not oversee the backfilling operation, depending on what the local laws require. The job of the engineers is to do a density check on the backfill, certify their findings, and submit it to the local authorities. The paperwork they filed indicates if the piece of land where the swimming pool used is strong enough to hold a structure.  

How to Go About It  

It is best that you first become well-informed about swimming pool removal and infilling before you hire demolition contractors for the job. If you can’t read more about it, talk with the experts. Set an appointment with the local office that handles these matters so you can learn everything about the procedure before proceeding to ensure that all your rights are duly protected.