What are the benefits of microblading? 

Microblading is a method of creating fuller eyebrows by putting pigment and forms hair like strokes. It is semi-permanent and usually would last for years. It’s a like doing a tattoo on your eyebrows and stylist will allow you to choose the color, style, and stroke of your choice. Microblading Seattle offers the best microblading services in the state. With quality materials that we use to keep you looking your great every day and with the help of our great and friendly stylist they will make your Microblading experience one of a kind.

Saves you time and Energy

Are you going to a very important event? You lack time and you need to rush. Yes girls we always want to look beautiful that helps us boost our confidence and show who we really are as person. Microblading helps you use your time for other important things. You don’t need to mind your eye brows it is hassle free and stress free.

No Hairs Growing? No Problem!

Some of us suffer hair loss or even it takes time for our hairs to grow and if we are experiencing lack of hair growth. Microblading helps us look healthy and feel good about ourselves


Having microblading helps you avoid those messy brow liners. Especially if we are sweaty, we go to the gym, or other natural factors then we don’t have to worry anymore.

It only takes an hour to do it!

Imagine the time that you give everyday just to have those eyebrows on fleek so just waste an hour of your time for microblading and save your hours every day doing the things you love for years


Experts will put a cream that will help you feel no pain at all!

Proven Safe and tested

There are a lot of people who have tried and tested it and works for them no negative side effect stylist usually put a few amount on your skin first to check for any allergic reactions

Colors doesn’t easily fade or change

To whatever pigment that you have chosen that will stay for years unlike putting regular brow shades nature might cause fading

Microblading last for years

Microblading usually last up to 3 years then you have an option to have microblading again since the process is just semi – permanent it always you to choose if you want to continue or not.

How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal?

After the process it might take a week for your eyebrows to heal. Your skin may appear red just like when you are getting a tattoo and that is normal everything is part of the healing process. After a week you might see removal of a thin skin called scabbing but it doesn’t affect the micro bladed part. It is normal that microblading like tattoos after it heals you might see a few fading or it might lighten up. Your stylist will do a touch up for you touch ups can only be done after a month we need to complete the total healing process. After that you will see the great effects of Microblading.